This modern and contemporary structure has been designed to infuse fun and energy into its activities. Formed after the spikes and dips of an electrocardiogram tracing of an athlete in full motion and artfully using natural light, the building inspires one to get moving and architecturally signifies the sports center and school campus set on the outskirts of Bad Boll.

Servicing local sports clubs and 550 school children, the design faced many challenges. Barrier-free accessibility was achieved along with the creation of a dirt-free, efficient means of entering the 45 x 22 meter court, divisible into 3 courts with drop-down partitions, to help maintain the quality of the court surface under a tremendous amount of use.

Games, sports, fun and movement are all embodied in this unique construction.

sportshall bad boll

type: sportshall
location: d-bad boll
finished: 2016
work phases: 1-9 (HOAI)
area in total: 2.175 m²

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