Upon stepping into the school campus of Capellen, the first impressions of the naturally colored materials and the incoming daylight convey a warm welcome. Students and teachers are never closed in by four walls; rather they are virtually invited to turn their gaze outdoors lifting them into the surrounding world.

Bricks in four different tones of grey animate the facade, and the sports hall and covered courtyard give the campus a special and unique identity with their light and dark green colored glass broken up by irregularly placed, angled columns which come into a harmonious dialog with the grey outer walls. The distinctiveness of the school, which has been called “The Green Campus” from the start, forms a distinguished place for teachers as well as students.

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campus capellen

type: school

location: l-capellen
finished: 2015
work phases: 1-9 (HOAI)
area in total: 14.571 m²

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