The building at 136 rue de l’Alzette slowly retreats back, giving way to an emerging new building with a striking façade. Stacked volumes of pure concrete soaring into the street broken through by a vertical crack, show their versatility in dealing with historical conflict situations.
An architectural paradigm, a story of the society that was once torn apart, cut with the deepest of cuts, requiring time consuming recuperation.
The new face of the museum deliberately introduces this apparent contrast and tension with the surroundings.
A monumental exclamation point and warning is revealed, the one that cautions the now and later, opposing to perils of once again awakened social divisions.

musée national de la résistance

type: museum                                                                                                                                                      location: L - Esch/Alzette
finished: 2019
work phases: 1-9 (HOAI)
surface in total: 1670 m²

in collboration with
NJOY_architectes d'intérieur  muséographes  éclairagistes

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