Jim ClemesAssociates s.a. has made a lasting impression upon the architectural culture of Luxembourg. Since its foundation in 1984, it has expanded quickly from the domestic to the international market. A development underscored by the landmark openings of subsidiaries in Trier and Paris. Our 75 member, multinational team generates extensive creative energy from their diversity and multi-facetted experience for the conceptualization and implementation of the architecture and urban planning projects entrusted to us.

As pioneers in sustainable and energy efficient construction, we envision and realize impressive designs and develop creative solutions for state-of-the-art architecture. Our projects portray integrated, holistic concepts which are carried throughout every detail of the project. Confidence in our skills, the desire to always be on top of the latest technical advancements, the search for innovative and creative challenges, and the accumulated mutual trust with consultants and clients make us a professional partner in all architectural areas.


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