The students of the MUDEC (Miami University Dolibois European Centre) in Differdange are half way through the fall semester of the architectural curriculum. The program started in August 2016.

At the picturesque Chateau de Differdange in Luxembourg, Jim and Ingbert give lectures on architectural design as well as materials and construction methods. The students have to develop the dexterities to tackle various design constraints and graphically analyse the forces acting on their design (structural, and non-structural).

Jim and Ingbert’s goal is to convey understanding of structure, materiality, sustainability and building performance of the designs that are being proposed. This semester the students deal with converting old Cistercian abbey in Differdange, that is now being used as retirement home, to future Miami University student campus in Luxembourg. Jim and Ingbert decided to divide the project into three parts – urban concept, architectural solution and interior design.

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