Two partners –           a passion for architecture and design
Two partners – a passion for architecture and design



Jim Clemes and Ingbert Schilz

Since each “ism” in architecture has its own weakness, we have forged our own path putting people and their complexity clearly and consistently in the center of our thinking.

Our inner stance is one of respect for humanity and nature. In our designs, we constantly search for an architectonic, artistic and sustainable approach in order to allow a symbiosis of functionalism and contextualism to emerge. Neither the sole submission to the function of the building nor the exclusive concentration on the context are determining for us.

Our ideal design is a unique architectural composition which remains economic, durable, useable and aesthetically sophisticated.


Jim Clemes,
Jim Clemes,

architect, graduated with a Bachelor of Environmental Design from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio in the U.S. and completed his studies as an “architect diplômé” at the Ecole special d’architecture” in Paris. Jim began his professional career in the States working for the San Francisco Center for Architecture and Urban Studies and subsequently John Saladino and Associates in New York. In 1981, he moved back to Luxembourg and worked as an architect for the Service des Sites et Monuments Nationaux. Three years later, he took the bold step of opening his own firm in Esch/Alzette. Since then, he has not only managed the office in Esch and two new offices in Trier and Paris, he has also been guest lecturer at the University of Luxembourg and the John E. Dolibois Center of Miami University.

Jim is a member of many professional architectural associations and societies in Luxembourg, Germany, France and Belgium. He sits on the Board of Directors of the Fondation de l’Architecture et de l’Ingénierie of Luxembourg and is the national representative in the For-All work group of the UIA-Design.

Ingbert Schilz,
Ingbert Schilz,

architect BDA and interior architect, graduated from the Trier University of Applied Sciences with the professional title of Diplom-Designer in 1986.

After finishing his studies, Ingbert moved to London, England and worked for David Davies Associates and ORMS Architects + Designers. Following a journey around the world in 1990, he moved back to Germany and acquired a position at the architectural firm, witry & witry architecture urbanisme just across the border in Echternach, Luxembourg. In 1992, he started working for Jim in Esch-sur-Alzette and in 2011, he was made a partner of the firm. Since 2014, he has also been an guest lecturer at the John E. Dolibois European Center of Miami University in Differdange, Luxembourg.

Ingbert is a member of the national architectural associations of Germany (BDA) and Luxembourg (OAI) as well as ClimaDesign e.V. of Germany. He is a certified consultant for energy efficient renovation and is a founding member of the Building Culture Society of Trier, Germany.